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Facial Membership

Facial Membership

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 Make a monthly commitment to healthier skin, and get the glow only members know!

 At Revita Skin Clinic, we believe that great skin is for EVERYONE. That's why we created our facial membership program: an affordable and accessible way to give everyone access to healthy skincare.

Skin cell production and replacement slows as we age. It takes approximately 28 days for the average adult to have cellular turnover—longer as you get older. Consistency is key, and the results from treatments are cumulative. This is what motivated us to create a membership service that people can afford to do monthly: because that is when the real, long-term changes happen.

 Memberships are designed as a year-long commitment.



How do I become a member?
Visit us in person and fill out a membership form at our front desk! Here you will provide all required information (home address, etc.) as well as a method of payment for us to keep on file.
How does payment work?
Accounts are automatically billed on the 22nd of each month. Each payment adds a facial credit to your account. 
What happens when I can’t come in for a facial?
Charges are automatically applied on a monthly basis and a credit will be automatically added to your file. Your credits do not expire and will remain until used. You can even gift a family or friend your facial credit if you would like! 
How do I know which facial is right for me? 
Fear not- our experienced skin specialists are here to help you select the best treatment for your skin at the time of your visit. They will conduct a customized skin analysis and recommend a treatment that will be the most beneficial. 

Can I upgrade my monthly facial to something that’s not on the list?
Yes. This is a great opportunity to try one of our speciality facial treatments. The upgraded price will be the difference of your monthly membership fee and the facial pricing. You may also save  or ‘bank’ your monthly payments to be used as credits which can be applied to other treatments if you are interested in trying another service.
Can I cancel the membership?
Memberships are billed monthly, we ask for a minimum 12 month commitment. You may cancel 12 months past your original sign up date with no penalty. Should you wish to end your membership earlier, members must retro-pay the monetary difference of each facial redeemed during the duration of their membership. (Example: Hydrafacial cost is $400; Member is subject to pay difference $225 upon cancellation).

Can I share my membership discount with friends and family?
Your membership discount on treatment and product is exclusive to you as the member and non-transferrable.

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