What is it?

Warts are benign skin growths caused by HPV (Human Papilllomavirus). Warts are often skin coloured, raised, and often resemble a cauliflower or sometimes even a solid blister. They typically appear on hands and feet but can develop on other parts of the body.

Warts may spread from person to person by direct or indirect contact, and may also spread from one part of the body to another. There are numerous kinds of warts such as: Plantar Warts, Flat Warts and Common Warts. 


what to expect?

At Revita Skin Clinic, we use intense pulsed light and electrocautery to safely and effectively remove warts. The laser works by cauterizing the blood vessels causing the wart tissue to die and fall off. If electrocautery is the right treatment option for you, then the specialist will numb the area and burn the wart off through cauterizing it.


The number of treatments and the time frame is variable depending on the number of warts, size and infected area. Deeper and more resistant warts may require additional treatment sessions to achieve optimal results.

We recommend you come in for a complimentary consultation to let one of our expert’s assess the condition of your warts, and to determine what treatment is most suitable for you.